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The extended version of the Hunger Games Trailer is out.

Stanley Tucci is unrecognizable (and awesome) as Ceasar ANNNNNND Lenny Kravitz is apparently playing Cinna (nice!).

I am SOOOOO ready.  And I’m proud of Jennifer Lawrence.  She seems to convey Katniss really well.


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I was working at the library today and saw some big sweaty dude reading yesterday’s copy of Entertainment Weekly.  One brief glance at the cover and I knew that was Katniss. 

The braid.  The bow and arrows.  The Mockingjay pin.

Can’t wait to read the article, once sweaty man gives it up. 

So. Excited.

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The genius currently going by the name of Suzanne Collins has released the third and final book in her Hunger Games series. 

Love love love!

After reading Catching Fire, I was truly eager to read the new installment.  And I gotta say – Mockingjay delivered. 

Just when you thought Katniss Everdeen was going to have an easy time of it – being rescued from oppression typically does that to someone – she is thrown into a new kind of horror.  And she has to go to war.  And she is forced to make difficult decisions that will affect the ones that she loves and is trying desperately to save.  And (slight spoiler alert) she will fail to save all of them.   


Collins writes suspense and action that makes me hold my breath at times.  Her writing is stimulating and rarely predictable.  I was truly enthralled.  And as a dear friend pointed out – “I miss that trilogy already.”

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… who would win?

Each of these women has mastered the art of writing a fight scene.  And each has killed off a number of characters – both of the “good” and “evil” varieties.  Meyer and Rowling kill with ancient mystical power, and typically, their main characters kill to protect the ones they love. 

Collins, however, created a character in Katniss Everdeen that kills for survival.  She does not use supernatural muscle, but intelligence, instinct, and a precise aim with a bow and arrow.  And she sometimes has to kill characters that aren’t actually “evil.”

And we love her for it.

Very few books captured me the way of Catching Fire.

I found myself glaring at my children when they required attention while I was reading this book.  Mother of the year?  No, no I’m not.  I was astonished that they felt the need for, well, anything that might serve to take me away from Katniss for a moment.

I eagerly anticipate the arrival of the third and final installment.

Now, back to the question at hand. 

In reality, Stephenie Meyer seems too sweet to handle a fight, whereas Rowling comes off as naturally scrappy, but petite. 

Collins could be the winner.  Not just of my heart, but possibly of this envisaged brawl.  Being a writer for children’s programming my toddler watches, Collins may not have it in her to scuffle, but I have a feeling that – if provoked – girl could throw down.

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