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The first pics of the Hunger Games movie are up on IMDB.

Check them out here.

I especially love the flaming Mockingjay poster.  Mmmm….niiiiicccceeee.



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Cover of "The Hunger Games"

Cover of The Hunger Games

I’ve been looking forward to The Hunger Games movie for a while now.   Naturally.  But today, I took a look at the casting list for the movie on IMDB.

And now I am totally, crazy, school-girl giddy.

Here’s a few highlights:

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss – this I knew already, and I have yet to see her in anything she’s done, but my first instinct – based on a few videos I’ve seen – is that she will do the part justice.  And I am SO looking forward to X-Men: First Class.

Josh Hutcherson as Peeta – this was the first thing that got me going today.  I don’t often think of this guy, but he was in another movie adaptation that I waited a LONG time (like, over a DECADE) for – Bridge to Terabithia.  And he was so GOOD in that.  So I have high hopes for him.

Liam Hemsworth as Gale – Beh.  This guy I’m a little more worried about.  Though, I would be more worried if he were playing Peeta.  As Gale, he may be gold.

Wes Bently, as Seneca Crane – this one is just rumored (UPDATE – Entertainment Weekly article confirmed it!) but I like it.  This is the guy from American Beauty who talks passionately about the plastic bag flying in a circle.  And, while that scene is severely mocked (as it should be), the first time you saw it, didn’t you cry … just a little?  Be honest.

And this one is cool …

Woody Harrelson as Haymitch – yay!  LOVE that idea!  Personally, I was rooting for Javier Bardem.  But Woody works.  Ever see him in Zombieland?  Funny.  Entertaining.  Woody.

Elizabeth Banks as Effie – that could totally work.  I know she’s been in a lot, but I only ever think of her from Zack and Miri Make a Porno, which I enjoyed immensely.  So I’m good with that too.


Stanley Tucci as Caesar – OMG! (I just said OMG.)  I could seriously watch Stanley Tucci all day.  I especially loved his characters in Easy A and Julie & Julia.  I have a feeling, though, that his Caesar will top those parts in my esteem.

Oh – and, while IMDB does not list her, The Hunger Games movie site says Amanda Stenberg will play the role of Rue.  I don’t know this chick at all.  But she’s cute.  And we all love Rue so much already, this girl will likely not have to do much to win us over.

So.  Clearly, I am happy.  (I know you were concerned.)  I didn’t think it was possible for me to be any more in love with this story than I already am.  But apparently, it is.

Wanna see more?  Here is the IMDB page to explore.

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The genius currently going by the name of Suzanne Collins has released the third and final book in her Hunger Games series. 

Love love love!

After reading Catching Fire, I was truly eager to read the new installment.  And I gotta say – Mockingjay delivered. 

Just when you thought Katniss Everdeen was going to have an easy time of it – being rescued from oppression typically does that to someone – she is thrown into a new kind of horror.  And she has to go to war.  And she is forced to make difficult decisions that will affect the ones that she loves and is trying desperately to save.  And (slight spoiler alert) she will fail to save all of them.   


Collins writes suspense and action that makes me hold my breath at times.  Her writing is stimulating and rarely predictable.  I was truly enthralled.  And as a dear friend pointed out – “I miss that trilogy already.”

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… who would win?

Each of these women has mastered the art of writing a fight scene.  And each has killed off a number of characters – both of the “good” and “evil” varieties.  Meyer and Rowling kill with ancient mystical power, and typically, their main characters kill to protect the ones they love. 

Collins, however, created a character in Katniss Everdeen that kills for survival.  She does not use supernatural muscle, but intelligence, instinct, and a precise aim with a bow and arrow.  And she sometimes has to kill characters that aren’t actually “evil.”

And we love her for it.

Very few books captured me the way of Catching Fire.

I found myself glaring at my children when they required attention while I was reading this book.  Mother of the year?  No, no I’m not.  I was astonished that they felt the need for, well, anything that might serve to take me away from Katniss for a moment.

I eagerly anticipate the arrival of the third and final installment.

Now, back to the question at hand. 

In reality, Stephenie Meyer seems too sweet to handle a fight, whereas Rowling comes off as naturally scrappy, but petite. 

Collins could be the winner.  Not just of my heart, but possibly of this envisaged brawl.  Being a writer for children’s programming my toddler watches, Collins may not have it in her to scuffle, but I have a feeling that – if provoked – girl could throw down.

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I don’t find too many books that are this hard to put down.  I’m not even finished (only because I have to work and take care of two children and – though it is difficult to resist an all-nighter – sleep) and I can tell you emphatically what my review will say:

Catching Fire is incredible!

Go out and get it and, of course, the first book in the series – The Hunger Games.

You must read them.

Right.  Now.

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I picked up The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins, from the library based on recommendations from both Stephen King and Stephenie Meyer.  With such credentials, I didn’t even read the jacket before taking it home.  When I did glance over the synopsis on the inside cover, however, I was less thrilled.  The futuristic story of a teenage girl engulfed in the throes of a dangerous Survivor-type reality show in which the contestants kill each other off until there is one winner standing just did not appeal to me.  So it sat on my nightstand for a few precious days until I came to a point when I was ready to give it a chance. 

I cannot believe I let it sit, unread, for so long.

This book is fantastic.  In the way Collins describes the basics of survival – the spearing of fish and unearthing of roots – I was reminded of reading Island of the Blue Dolphins  as a kid.  The main character, Katniss, is quite Bella Swan-esk, in that she is clearly attractive in a way that is entirely unkown to her.  But Katniss appealed to me in a way that Bella did not, mainly reflecting that Katniss was occupied with much more pressing matters – not beautiful blood-sucking boys, but survival of the fittest.  There is a subtle love interest – or two.  But the main theme here is that this very strong (in character and in mind, though not necessarily in physical strength) young girl is forced into a life that she is too young to face, and yet she does – with valor and honor and undeniable heart. 

The book did not end the way I wanted it to, though I do agree the story had to go in that direction.  I was, however, thrilled to hear that there is a sequel coming out in September.

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